Criminal Law and Government Investigations

Our Criminal Defense Practice.

The attorneys at Datsopoulos, MacDonald & Lind practice criminal defense law in all Montana courts.  Our firm enjoys a reputation as one of the “go-to” firms for criminal cases in Montana.  We are best known for having represented clients in some of the most high profile and serious criminal prosecutions in Montana over the past forty years. However, we have also represented clients that you have never heard of, clients whose cases we successfully resolved in the investigative stage with no charges being brought against our clients. The earlier we can become involved in your case, the more effective we can be.

Consequences of Criminal Cases.

There is no more serious opponent than the state or federal government, and there is no other legal case where a client has more at stake. A criminal conviction can send you to prison, ruin your reputation and destroy you financially. If you are charged or being investigated for a crime you need experienced attorneys by your side.

Our firm’s consistent results over the years show we have the resources, knowledge and skill to represent clients effectively at all stages in the criminal process. If you are facing criminal charge or are the target of a criminal or regulatory investigation call us today to ensure your rights and your future are protected.

Montana-wide practice

We represent clients in Montana Federal Courts, State District Court, State Justice Court and all Montana City and Municipal Courts. We represent clients on appeals at the Montana Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

We also represent individuals being investigated by professional licensing boards.

Types of Cases

The scope of criminal cases being investigated and prosecuted in Montana and the Northwest is constantly expanding and criminal sentences are becoming increasingly harsh.

Our attorneys are experienced in the defense of all criminal matters at the investigative state, the trial stage, on appeal and during post-conviction proceedings.

While we are prepared to aggressively defend any case, by way of example, our firm has represented clients charged with the following offenses: