When you need an attorney, you have many choices.

Only one firm has the commitment, driven by passion, to provide the timeliest, most informed counsel to you, no matter who you are, because we believe that every person deserves outstanding representation, in every situation.  We are on your side, so that you can get on with your life or your business.  We excel at providing expert counsel in the courtroom, but also as your advocate in any situation in which you might need legal advice.

The attorneys of Datsopoulos MacDonald & Lind have over three centuries of collective courtroom experience, with specialties in broader law that are designed to allow this firm to excel into the next century.  Whether you have been in an auto accident, suffered a personal injury, are facing criminal charges or need counsel for your new or established business affairs, we have attorneys who can meet all of your legal needs.  We have been designated as a preeminent law firm by Martindale-Hubbell, the most recognized national publication that rates attorneys based upon evaluations by local attorneys and judges.  Count on us to be by your side, no matter what the challenge.