Types of Compensation Awards

There many types of compensation awards available including: total disability awards (for injuries producing temporary or permanent total disability); partial disability awards (for injuries producing partial disabilities); medical services (the insurer must pay reasonable medical services); occupational disease awards (compensation must be equal to the compensation and medical benefits for injuries); temporary total disability benefits (paid while the claimant suffers a total wage loss and until the worker reaches maximum healing or has been released to return to work); temporary partial disability benefits (paid if a claimant is returned to work with a loss of wages before maximum healing); permanent total disability benefits (paid after a claimant reaches maximum healing and has no reasonable prospect of physically performing regular employment); permanent partial disability benefits (paid if a worker: has a permanent impairment that is established by objective medical findings; is able to work in some capacity, but the impairment impairs his ability to work; and, has actual wage loss due to the injury); death benefits (a surviving spouse may be entitled to death benefits); and, vocational rehabilitation benefits.