Real Estate Litigation

We also have a team of experienced real estate litigation attorneys to assist you in all types of real estate disputes.  We have successfully represented clients in actions to compel specific performance of a real estate contract, for failure to disclose construction defects or other adverse material facts concerning the property, and for negligence on the part of the real estate agent for failing to properly represent the buyer’s or seller’s interests.

We’ve advocated for clients who have been harmed by sellers, lenders, appraisers and inspectors in connection with real estate investments.  Our land use attorneys have decades of experience in the areas of zoning and code enforcement, subdivision regulations, environmental regulations, as well as toxic torts and pollution.

Whether you are looking to purchase that trophy ranch on Rock Creek, or you need someone to help enforce your contract for deed, talk to the law firm of Datsopoulos, MacDonald & Lind, P.C.