Anesthesia Errors

When administered correctly, anesthesia is both safe and highly effective. On the other hand, when anesthesia errors do happen, they can have harmful, far-reaching effects like brain damage or even death. Improperly administered anesthesia that causes injury or death may warrant a medical malpractice lawsuit.

In many ways, the anesthesiologist is the most important medical professional in any surgery. However, patients rarely even know who their anesthesiologist is, much less know about that person’s credentials. Anesthesia errors are all too common and can lead to serious injury and even death.

Common causes of anesthesia errors including: failure to constantly monitor the patient; failure to properly intubate (place a tube in the patient’s throat to allow breathing); failure to recognize complications; communication errors between staff; the use of defective equipment; overdose or underdose of anesthesia; delayed anesthesia delivery; failure to avoid an allergic reaction if it could have reasonably been prevented; failure to guard against drug interactions; failure to instruct the patient not to eat or drink within 24 hours following surgery; and failure to properly administer oxygen during surgery.

At Datsopoulos MacDonald & Lind, we help people who have been hurt by or lost loved ones due to anesthesia errors. We have the skill and resources to seek maximum compensation for the hardships caused by medical malpractice.