At Datsopolous, MacDonald & Lind we know that divorce, called “dissolution” in Montana, can be a challenging and stressful experience.  Our team of family law attorneys has the skill and experience necessary to guide you through the process of a marital dissolution, same sex dissolution or legal separation.

Dissolution presents a wide range of potential issues that include:

Disputes can arise early on in the process and may include issues such as financial support for you or your children, parenting visitation or the use of marital property and assets during the proceedings.  We will identify what your needs are and strive to meet them during and after the legal proceedings.  Our firm also has connections and relationships with other professionals in the area, including counselors and accountants that will provide you with an added benefit.  Disputes during a divorce or separation can be resolved through agreement between each party or the court system.  We will help you weigh your options and determine what route is best for you.

Each dissolution action is unique and we take care to consider the needs of each client on an individual basis.  We will advise, advocate, negotiate and litigate based on your goals and individual needs, in accordance with the law.  It is important to work with an experienced attorney who can develop a personalized legal strategy to maximize your asset division, protect your rights, and keep the best interest of your children in the forefront during child support and child custody matters.

Whether you have a complex marital estate that will require a unique property division and distribution, or serious concerns regarding a parenting plan and child support, the process can be intimidating and complex.  Our attorneys will make sure you are made fully aware of what to expect during the preliminary stage of gathering information, or the near end stage of negotiating a settlement agreement or going to trial.  At Datsopoulos, MacDonald & Lind, our clients have found comfort in our experience and expertise for over 40 years.